From the beginning, the goal of Outside the Box Financial Planning LLC was to provide affordable, high quality financial advice to CrossFit Affiliate community. Therefore, we created a pricing structure that is simple, transparent, and requires no commitment. If at any point you are not happy with the service and/or quality of the financial advice you receive, you are free to terminate our relationship.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a process that helps you make well informed decisions. It contains an analysis of your current situation, potential outcomes, and recommendations that can improve both. Many clients report a decrease in stress and anxiety levels after they go through the process.

Due to the substantial amount of time it takes to gather, organize, analyze, and make recommendations, our flat fee for Initial Plan Development is $1,500. Once the plan is delivered to you, you can chose to implement on your own or hire us for ongoing support, coaching, accountability, education, and advice. Our annual retainer is $1,800 for a single individual or $3,000 for a family, charged monthly. 

Your Initial Plan Development Includes:

  • Business Planning

  • Cash Flow and Debt Management

  • College Savings

  • Employee Benefits Optimization

  • Financial Goals

  • Insurance

  • Investment Analysis

  • Retirement Planning

  • Risk Management

  • Tax Planning Strategies


Click here to download a sample Service Calendar.

Investment Management

With Financial Planning, you will receive detailed investment recommendations. Some people choose to handle the implementation, rebalancing, and monitoring aspect of investment management themselves; others would rather have a professional handle it. In order to maximize flexibility in our service offering, we provide you with a choice. If you would like us to handle the management of your assets, we charge 1.00% fee annual advisory fee. Once the assets under management reach $375,000, we will waive our annual financial planning retainer.

Investment Management Includes:

  • Risk Tolerance Review

  • Investment Research & Due Diligence

  • Asset Allocation Design

  • Portfolio Monitoring

  • Portfolio Re-balancing

  • Ongoing education and support


Please Note: Investment Management is not available as a stand alone service. Click here to learn more about our investment philosophy.